Rasmus Langvad

Senior Fullstack Developer


I'm working as a fullstack developer and consultant at Crowd Collective in Stockholm. I'm comfortable within the JavaScript world and enjoy building web applications with Vue and React. Currently been spending lots of time with Nuxt, Next & Tailwind.


In my role as a Senior Lead Consultant I have the opportunity to be a mentor for other developers. I enjoy watching other people grow and by having a mentorship relationship I can be a big part in their success.


I have a long term goal where I want to write a lot more. This blog is my place for thoughts, exploration and sharing. Aiming to develop a daily habit of writing. Expect more articles on different topics in the future!


I love to explore new tech and having my own projects is the best way of doing this. I have multiple affiliate projects and an e-commerce site to experiment on. Go to the projects page to read more.

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